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We’re your hosts, Jackie, Rachel, and Theo

Prefer your books in comedy form, but still want to sound smart at parties? We got you. We’re three best friends who routinely make each other cry with laughter, and we want you to hang with us!

Join us each Thursday to discover the hilarity hidden in the classics as we break down the greatest works of Western literature, then decide whether they should stay in the canon - or become cannon fodder. No reading required (on your part, at least).

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Current Episode

Dune: Our Friends the Worms

October 14, 2021

They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it!  That’s right - in ONE episode, we manage to discuss all 800 pages of the sci-fi classic Dune, by Frank Herbert.  Today as a guest, we have the world’s greatest Dunespert!  (No, not Frank Herbert.)  Rachel virtue signals about gummy diversity.  Jackie explains K-pop boys to us.  Theo realizes he’s had two Fremen by his side all along. Topics include: GumbyxPokey, the best athlete’s foot medication, David Lynch, Timothée Chalamet, Sting, heterosexuality, spoilers, sperm rights, Dr. Purple Lips, the New Jersey of space, Jimmy Stewart voice, dragon seduction in Dungeons & Dragons, a true Jessica, the weirding way & the weirding woman, ichthyosaurs, servant time, Stinky the Hutt, Big Brother the Hutt, Hutt-shaming, riding the worm, concubators, an original book idea, and book juice.  Content warning: eugenics, sexism, racism, fatphobia, pedophilia