Our three hosts enjoying a group hug in a divey restaurant booth table.

We’re your hosts, Jackie, Rachel, and Theo

Prefer your books in comedy form, but still want to sound smart at parties? We got you. We’re three best friends who routinely make each other cry with laughter, and we want you to hang with us!

Join us each Thursday to discover the hilarity hidden in the classics as we break down the greatest works of Western literature, then decide whether they should stay in the canon - or become cannon fodder. No reading required (on your part, at least).

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Current Episode

1984 Part 2: Possessed by a Horny Irish Demon

January 13, 2022

Things in Oceania are really heating up! This time around, our hero Winston gets up to some seriously illegal (romantic) mischief. Rachel falls down the side of a mountain. Jackie refuses to put a price on her dignity. Theo gets decked by a fourth grader. Thoo, if you’re out there, get in touch. Topics include: Ireland, Cook Out, pirates, No Nut November, goiter treatment tips, a pleasant Covid surprise, Elisir Novasalus, Jeff Bezos (our nemesis), Arnold Schwarzenegger, chopper controversy, and Cheerwine. Content warning: sexual assault, violence, murder, racism, fatphobia. We are, unfortunately, not sponsored by Cook Out.