Our three hosts enjoying a group hug in a divey restaurant booth table.

We’re your hosts, Jackie, Rachel, and Theo

Prefer your books in comedy form, but still want to sound smart at parties? We got you. We’re three best friends who routinely make each other cry with laughter, and we want you to hang with us!

Join us each Thursday to discover the hilarity hidden in the classics as we break down the greatest works of Western literature, then decide whether they should stay in the canon - or become cannon fodder. No reading required (on your part, at least).

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Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening: They’re All Pippin

December 2, 2021

We read that wintry Frosty Rob classic! Here’s the deal: we literally talked about this poem for almost a week after recording. Should we have said some of that stuff during the episode? You decide. Anyway, don’t miss the Marvel-style post-credits scene! Theo is looking for a sugar mama (this is not a joke). Rachel gets s’owned. Jackie munches on some paper. Topics include: sea shanties, French henchmen, the United Nations flag, classic slapstick, the Beatles, Vietnam, Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Woods, Muppets, the clown beat, secret messages, limericks again, Donald Trump deepfakes, John Stamos & Frank Sinatra’s son, serial killers, Joe Rogan’s poetic interpretation, Dr. Seuss, and Dadaism. Content warning: suicide aYWPsxNPBx9MBSft980M