Lysistrata: A Newer, More Glamorous, Supremely Seductive Me

November 25, 2021

We read Aristophanes’ classic Ancient Greek sex comedy, Lysistrata!  It’s good to be back, baby.  Join us as we revel in this extremely crude no-nut classic.  Theo finally keeps his dang shirt on.  Jackie writes a road rap.  Rachel brags about her great rapport with babies.Topics include: a billion dick jokes, No Nut November, a compliment pizza, Lucky Charms, NPR joke books, Lake Wobegon, Monica Lewinsky, Millenials, allergy denial, walking poo, Opa callbacks, Puke Bush Swamp, Bingoing, dads and vegetarianism, essential amino acids, the moneymaker, spider peens, Oscar Isaac, a crocodile of penises, Tubbly Bubbly, gem-like phlegm, famous pimps, Three Cowboys, Key & Peele, and the World Wide Web.