Dune: Our Friends the Worms

October 14, 2021

They said it couldn’t be done, but we did it!  That’s right - in ONE episode, we manage to discuss all 800 pages of the sci-fi classic Dune, by Frank Herbert.  Today as a guest, we have the world’s greatest Dunespert!  (No, not Frank Herbert.)  Rachel virtue signals about gummy diversity.  Jackie explains K-pop boys to us.  Theo realizes he’s had two Fremen by his side all along. Topics include: GumbyxPokey, the best athlete’s foot medication, David Lynch, Timothée Chalamet, Sting, heterosexuality, spoilers, sperm rights, Dr. Purple Lips, the New Jersey of space, Jimmy Stewart voice, dragon seduction in Dungeons & Dragons, a true Jessica, the weirding way & the weirding woman, ichthyosaurs, servant time, Stinky the Hutt, Big Brother the Hutt, Hutt-shaming, riding the worm, concubators, an original book idea, and book juice.  Content warning: eugenics, sexism, racism, fatphobia, pedophilia